Brewery & The Beast was created to educate our guests, and inform them of the importance of becoming a conscientious consumer. It is more important than ever to support responsible local farmers and food producers by purchasing their harvest in restaurants, grocery stores, and markets. By providing our guests with a tangible experience of how these foods taste, information about the farms they come from, and where they can purchase these products, we can achieve the goals of the event; keep our local and regional food systems thriving while continually supporting the local restaurant and food & beverage industry.

Brewery & The Beast is an experience our guests can feel good about. Food, drink, music, and community: locally sourced ingredients are the highlight of inspired dishes prepared by the best chefs in each city.

The Phillips Brewing Company offers a diverse selection of their award winning beers to pair with chefs dishes. Left Field Cider and premium wines are featured for pairing with the cuisine of the day, a wide variety of quality non-alcoholic options are available to enjoy, and live music from The Electric Timber Company provides the soundtrack.

Brewery & The Beast is committed to community. Each one of our events provides funding and support to local and national, industry based foundations, charities, and scholarships. Our beneficiaries include SAITIsland Chefs Collaborative, BC Hospitality Foundation and the Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship Program.

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culinary experience.

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