Freedom is the philosophy of the music program at Brewery & The Beast. And that rare mindset – held in check by the Electric Timber Company – has attracted some of the best musicians in Canada to the festival over the years.

The Electric Timber Company is a collective of musicians brought together by a myriad of musical influences, from roots and rock to blues and bluegrass. Theirs is feel-good music borne from freedom and exploration, from an extensive list of influences and rotating cast of participants. The ambitious mindset – not unlike those of the chefs on display at Brewery & The Beast – has served the group from Victoria, BC, increasingly well since 2012. The gang of friends is known for its adaptability on stage, and since their first show at Brewery & The Beast has brought guests – complete strangers at first, only to become family during their sets – on stage for eager audiences each year. With a list of in-concert compadres that has included a roster of 28 Juno award nominees and 18 Maple Blues award winners, the band is at home when unpredictability is afoot. A few special guests who have arrived unannounced and sat in for a set or two include; Washboard Union, Pat Steward, Shaun Verrault, Jesse Roper, Harry Manx, Jim Byrnes, David Gogo, Wil, Daniel Lapp, Kendel Carson, Jeff Hilhorst, Jared Albright, The Sojourners, Dustin Bentall, North Country Gentlemen, Shorty Askey, CR Avery, Matt Masters, Chris Van Sickle, Paul Pigat, Nick La Riviere, Jason Cook, Dougal Bain McLean, and members of The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer, Current Swell, Jon and Roy, and Towers and Trees. We are privileged to have the Electric Timber Company and countless other Canadian artists perform for our guests; these musicians are true to their craft, and we love them for it!

Mike Roma; guitars/vocals, Tyler Piercy; drums, Esme John; bass, Jaclyn Hull; vocals, Uncle Ron; keyboards/organ, Ryan Clayton; guitars, DJ Mike Devlin

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