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Blue Goose Cattle Company


Cariboo BC


Blue Goose cattle are raised in the semi-remote region of Cariboo, BC, and the unique plains of Manitoulin Island. All of our cattle are pasture raised, and graze across high quality grass. There are no pesticides in the feed. Our cattle are never fed animal by-products, and never receive steroids, pesticides or added hormones. At the finishing lot, our cattle are fed a grass silage, which consists of organically grown legumes, high quality hay, and a small amount of organic barley. Blue Goose owns its own Abattoir in BC, meaning only Blue Goose cattle are brought through our state of the art facilities, reducing any cross-ranch contamination.” The design of our Abattoir was inspired by the designs of Temple Grandin, a leader in cattle animal welfare and creating low stress environments. No overcrowding is allowed, and animals are moved by flag to reduce stress. Each animal is handled one at a time, and at a slow speed to ensure total care and attention to animal needs is followed.


Cache Creek Farm

Cache Creek BC

Cache Creek Natural Beef grows high quality beef as nature intended: with natural grazing, environmental stewardship, and animal welfare. All products are hormone, steroid, and antibiotic free. Cache Creek also practices intensive pasturing; their cattle are moved often to avoid damaging grass through overgrazing.

Farmcrest Foods


Salmon Arm BC

It all starts with the egg….Newly hatched chicks are sustainably moved (just a few feet) from the hatchery to the barns on the farm for growing. Sensitive to their environment, these chickens are not kept in cages, but roam freely on floors covered with soft, dry bedding. They’re also given clean water and feed via feed systems and water lines that are checked daily to ensure unrestricted access.

Our chickens are kept in climate-controlled barns to protect against the heat in summer, the cold in winter, as well as predators and disease. Heating, ventilation, humidity and other environmental levels are also checked and maintained consistently to ensure that the chickens are living comfortably and stress-free. We give constant care and attention to the chicken’s health and feeding.

We follow strict food safety protocol that is recognized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. This ensures that we grow nothing but healthy and high-quality chickens.

Heritage Angus Beef

Rycroft AB/Abbotsford BC

Heritage Angus Range Fed Beef is an Alberta & BC-based distributor focused on sustainable farming and premium quality. They are also the only Canadian beef supplier audited and certified by two nationally recognized third-parties.



Hog Wild Specialities
Mayerthorpe AB

Hog Wild Specialties is owned and operated by Deb and Earl Hagman, who raise their cattle as naturally as possible: with no growth hormones or immunizations, and with a healthy diet supplemented by minerals.

Houwelings Tomatoes


Delta BC

Houweling’s Tomatoes is a local, family-owned, year-round tomato greenhouse. Houweling’s is dedicated to growing the freshest and tastiest tomatoes year-round and with over 30 years’ experience in greenhouse farming, the team is great at it. Cemented in a firm belief that nothing will ever replace the interaction between grower and plant, Casey Houweling has built a company that leverages the benefits of technological advancements for sustainability and efficiency while understanding the art of growing is as much if not a greater factor in growing and harvesting the best tomatoes available.

Johnstons Pork


Fraser Valley BC

Founded in 1937, Johnston’s Pork has continued to grow and adapt as the meat industry has evolved over the last seven decades. Their producers include Saar Bank Farms, Sundance Farms, Makin' Bacon Farm, Rise & Swine Farm, and Verard Farms Ltd. in the Fraser Valley and Chilliwack communities.



Northern Divine Caviar

Vancouver BC

Target Marine Hatcheries, crafters of Northern Divine caviar, brings you certified organic, award winning West Coast sustainable sturgeon.

North Thompson Heritage Ranch

All animals are free range, all natural and bred from the finest stock of heritage breeds only. The taste and texture of these animals is a testament to the care in which farmer John Klop has taken in caring for them. These animals are raised outdoors with an abundance of room to roam around.

Peace Country Produce


Peace River Valley AB

We started out in the early eighties as a small dairy in central Alberta. In 1995 we sold the dairy and started a mixed farming operation: cattle, grain and hogs in the Peace area. We started building our certified organic beef herd in 2004. Uddersmith cattle feed on organic pasture and hay year round. At NO time are they fed grain. We do not force wean, but leave all calves with their mothers through with their first winter. This allows them to naturally wean onto green pasture in the spring just prior to claving in mid- May. All calves are kept to maturity.

Paradise Valley Farm


Paradise Valley AB

The Sunderland Family have spent years perfecting their system for raising free range hogs. They use Camborough in order to take advantage of that breed’s reputation for flavour and quality. They say the real secret to producing hogs with a traditional pork taste is the diet and exercise program that is part of their free range production system. Their hogs are free to roam in large outdoor paddocks which feature water fed mud-holes for summer wallowing, and large straw bedded shelters for year round comfort. The freedom to root and dig in the straw and mud not only results in contented hogs, but assures a quality pork product with a richer more traditional pork taste. The Sunderlands grow more than 75% of their feed requirements on their own farm, and purchase the rest from their neighbors in order to ensure the best quality feed for their animals.




Pemberton Valley BC

Pemberton Meadows cattle is raised as nature intended; living outdoors, in a herd, on pasture. In the winter, when snow covers the ground, they stay in a large treed area where they can take shelter from harsh weather. The cattle are free to spread out under the trees at night. Natural beef tends to be leaner and tastier than most conventional beef. It only stands to reason that an animal that spends its life walking around on natural pastures would have a stronger texture and flavour than one that is just standing in a feedlot pen.

Rangeland Canadian Bison and Elk

Lacombe AB

Canadian Rangeland Bison and Elk meats are 100% hormone, antibiotic, and animal by-product free. They are also one of the very few third-party certified marketers of bison. They guarantee top quality bison “from the gate to the plate.”

Rossdown Farms


Fraser Valley BC

Rossdown Farms & Natural Foods is a family-run business that balances traditional values with progressive practices. Farming is not something we got into on whim. It is woven into the fabric of our family. In fact Rossdown Farms is the collective result of five generations of farmers. And though, for decades, we were exclusively a poultry farm, over the years we have evolved the business to include poultry processing.


Sloping Hill Farms

Qualicum Beach BC

Sloping Hill Farms in Qualicum Beach produces award-winning pork, having been recognized by the Vancouver Restaurant Awards for 2009 Product of the Year and 2010 Producer/Supplier of the year for their ethically-raised, hormone-free pork that include no animal by-products.




Thiessen Farms



Abbotsford BC

Thiessen Farm chooses top breeding stock for all their specialty poultry, which includes quail, squab, partridge, pheasant, bluefoot chickens, and muscovy ducks.
Their philosophy is that “bigger isn’t best and best isn’t biggest”, striving to maintain the highest possible standard of integrity in a constantly-evolving marketplace





Urban Digs Farm



Urban Digs is a passionate and vision-led boutique farm located in Burnaby, BC.

Founded by Julia Smith in 2011, a recognized advocate for local and sustainable food, Urban Digs started out of a Vancouver backyard as an organic vegetable producer, but the farm now operates out of a 3-acre property with full-time employees and a growing, loyal customer base of consumers and restaurants. All products are local and organic, including heritage pork, eggs, duck, chicken, and produce grown right at the farm or sourced from farmers they know.

Urban Digs believes in “supplying families and chefs with responsibly-sourced meat, eggs and produce. Our collective humanity is reflected in how our food is raised and nurtured--be it soil or feed, we are ultimately what the vegetables and animals eat. We help people know their food so they can make informed choices that reflect their values.”


Yarrow Meadow Farm


Fraser Valley BC

Yarrow Meadows Duck and Goose is a 3 generation family farm that raises Geese and Peking Ducks in the beautiful Fraser Valley, British Columbia. Nestled at the base of Vedder Mountain just east of Yarrow, the farm has become a local landmark since the early 1970’s.

The animals at Yarrow Meadows Duck and Goose are free run, which means they are raised in open barns allowing them to roam free within a structure and exhibit natural bird behaviours. They are raised hormone and antibiotic free on a diet of whole grains, and always have access to clean, fresh drinking water.